About Mobile One Direction

We are the true fans! What’s so special about Mobile One Direction? It is a giant archive of everything One Direction! These boy’s amazing musical journey will be recorded here, for all fans to enjoy forever! Check back often, the archive grows and grows!

A dedicated team of anonymous media professionals scan the hoards of articles published daily about One Direction. Then these articles are shared here for everyone to enjoy. We hope you like them!

Thank you to all of the contributing fans who submit articles to us every day! So far we havn’t missed a single event! Without you this wouldn’t have been possible.

Mobile One Direction was founded in 2011, when One Direction made a big splash in the media. With the launch of our website, we discovered the number of people who truly love these boys was far beyond what we had imagined.

Many of our fans have shared online tutorials and guides that have helped them become better singers or musicians. So far hundreds

of fans have said that these have helped them. We are honored to help aspiring singers and songwriters in any way that we can. Who knows, maybe they could be on the big stage some day!


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